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Scott Flansburg (The Human Calculator)

Scott Flansburg, known as The Human Calculator® (a nickname given to him by television star Regis Philbin) is an educator, speaker, Guinness World Record holder, bestselling author, and star of The Human Calculator on the History Channel.

Scott Flansburg, is dedicated to helping both students and adults to overcome their fears related to mathematics. He believes everyone has the ability to be great at math, and has dedicated his life to unlocking the power of human calculator in you.

Our Team


We are so excited to finally have The Human Calculator App. My kids (8 & 10) have completed Scott's book Turn on the Human Calculator in You and we have really noticed a huge improvement in their arithmetic skills and confidence. This app brings the book to life! My kids enjoy how easy it is and really like competing to improve their scores. This is a great addition to Scott's amazing products. We can't wait to see what comes next!
Andrew McKay
The Human Calculator app is a great tool that reaches you the patterns when adding and subtracting numbers. I believe this should be used world wide and reach every single kid before they reach 9 years old.
Yusnier Viera, The Human Calendar
This app is awesome for kids that are starting to learn arithmetic operations. This app will trigger a great curiosity for numbers as the game reveals interesting patterns in a simple matrix.
Angel Paredes
High value for kids in early stage of Math learning. Fun and learning: the whole package. Thanks Scott for finding this patterns.
Manuel Hernandez