The Human
Scott Flansburg
getting kids excited about Math
all over the world


The Human Calculator App makes numbers and basic arithmetic as easy as 0,1,2,3.

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    Cal will lead you through The Human Calculator Matrix to help you discover how numbers really work and show you how to think like the fastest mathlete in the world.
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    The Human Calculator Matrix is a 10 x 10 number grid from 00 - 99. After you select a color for each of the 10 digits 0 - 9, Cal will teach you addition and subtraction facts and show you how to move through the matrix to figure out the answers. You will also learn the ’secret to numbers’ and the power of the number 9.
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    The Human Calculator App is designed for students under 9 years old, or anyone who feels like they just never ‘got it’ when it comes to numbers. Cal will help you overcome your fear and anxiety with numbers and help you feel more comfortable with numbers and basic arithmetic in everyday life.
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    We are hoping parent and grandparents will take the time to go through this app with their families to show them how important numbers really are in our lives and how numbers really do add up.

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